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Festergut down! Rotface at 0.4%

Last night we continued our 10 man party on ICC. Finnally after some trys on Festergut, we downed him. The fight is quite easy, but at first we were trying it with 2 healers. Me and Shamie (Shaman). We could have managed, if we were lucky on the “vomite”. Anyway, Lapa joined us last night with his priest and we downed him.
After that, was time to give some trys at Rotface, and after some 4 wipes we downed him till 0.4% !!! Just 300k missing.. 😦
We had to disband the raid, cause it was getting kind of late. Hope that tonight will continue it and try Professor Putricide!

Regards, The Tree


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Hey folks.

Last night we continued the raid on ICC25. Guess what? 2 more bosses down! YEY!

After a long time of waiting, we finnally did Lady Deathwhisper and of course, the free loot boss, Gunship Battle.
We only had 2 wipes on Deathwhisper and then BANG! She’s down.
Awesome progress and it was a very profitable night to me ! (The healing chest and trinket dropped, one on each boss).

This tree is getting imba! If the pew pew wannabe blast your butt Hunter posts something like: “It was cause of me, wasn’t lagging!”… Don’t belive him.

And about that so called “orgy”… Well we’re a happy guild…

Anyway, here are the screenshots !

Regards, The Tree.

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ICC25 – Lord Marrowgar down!

YEY NEW POST, WOOT! Let’s jump like maniacs!

Last night we finally did the first boss of ICC25, Lord Marrowgar. After 2 wipes, we downed him nicely. We were just missing some concentration, cause it’s quite easy. And, it dropped the waist and the wrist I wanted… Sniff Sniff, lost them both 😦

Anyway it was a good progress for Above And Beyond. We’ve did some trys also on Lady Deathwhisper. Downed her till 35%, wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t that bad with some members doing low dps (OS spec).

And of course, the lazy, crazy, pew pew penguin hunter, was one of them 😛

“LAGG” he said… Pfff, right.

Let’s see how much we can do from now on.

Regards, The Tree.

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