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So here we go again!

Hello there fellows that no matter what don’t read this.

News updates:

Festergut at 5% on 25man with 23 people in the raid. Lack of 2 dpsers, so that’s why.

Valithria Dreamwalker healed up.

Sindragosa at 8%

That’s about it. We’ll try to progress a bit more now and hopefully we’ll clear it all in 10 (for now).


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So… What else is new?

Hey there.

So, what else is new ?

I can say that progressing is new! Last week 2 partys of 10 went ICC and both of them cleared the 4 first bosses with no troubles.

My party tried the Festergut battle but we failed and we couldn’t raid last night due to some of our members weren’t on, including me (Valentines day).

The other party, that Shamie was leading, downed Festergut! Yey.

That’s a good improvment, our members are getting more focused and ofc with more “Know How”!

Anyway, this is what I have to say till now… Hope that I get good news soon!

Keep tuned

Regards, The Tree.

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Hello and welcome to our blog.
This blog was made to all of you World of Warcraft gamers around europe (Yea the other ones can join too)!

This blog has two main players posting. Me and a pew pew auto-shot hunter (that’s why it’s called root my pet and it was the first thing that came up to my head).

We’re from Trollbane EU realm and we’re both in a guild called Above And Beyond (such a catchy name). We’ll be posting things about our raids, some guides, raiding related things and so on.
Well to those of you wondering “Why the hell is this dude making a blog to talk about his raiding guild and etc?!”. The answer is quite simple:

  1. Above And Beyond website – aboveandbeyond-guild.com is deserted.
  2. At least 2 or 3 people will read this blog from time to time.
  3. Yes we do have a forum, but it’s dead quite there.. Scares the hell out of my roots!
  4. Yes I’m a Tree.
  5. No I don’t have leafs. Well like 3 on the top branches.
  6. Careful with number 7.
  7. Yey, this is getting stupid..
  8. You get the point! I just wanted a freakin WoW blog!
  9. At least let’s make it 10.
  10. … The end.

Stay tuned to more stupidity from us!

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Hello everyone who have the guts to check this blog!

This blog was made to every single World of Warcraft gamer… ok it’s just for a couple people since we won’t get that many visits but feel free to visit us!

First of all I’m gonna explain why Root My Pet is alive again. Me and a Nature Lover Tree had the idea to create a blog to post things about our guild and about WoW, and he did created one but, I didn’t liked the blog platform he choose that’s why I created RMP again in a different blog platform.

Now I’m gonna to leave the main explanation of the blog for the Tree Man.

Stay tuned!

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